Does Lowes Sell Mulch (Rubber, Vigoro & Organic)?

Are you looking to spruce up your garden, or maybe just add a bit of texture and color to your landscape? If so, mulch is an easy way to do it.

And if you’re wondering does Lowes sell mulch?

The answer is yes! Lowes has been selling a variety of quality mulches for years and can help you find exactly what you need for your project.

What Types of Mulch Does Lowes Sell?

Lowes offers a wide range of mulch options, so no matter what type of project you’re working on, they have the perfect product for you.

Some of their most popular brands include Scotts Earthgro Mulch, Vigoro Red Mulch, and Miracle-Gro Garden Soil.

Whether you’re looking to reduce weeds in your garden beds or simply add a pop of color to your flower beds, Lowes has the right product for the job.

In addition to traditional mulches such as pine needles, cypress bark, and cedar chips, Lowes also sells products like shredded hardwood bark that are specifically designed to help with soil aeration and drainage.

This means that when combined with the right fertilizer and soil amendments, these products will help create healthy conditions in which plants can thrive.

In addition, they also carry organic options such as composted manure that are designed to improve soil structure while adding essential nutrients.

Benefits of Using Mulch at Lowes

One great benefit of buying your mulch at Lowes is convenience; they offer delivery services right to your door as well as free shipping on orders over $45!

Plus their customer service team is always available to answer any questions you may have about your purchase.

Finally, all products come with detailed instructions so that even beginner gardeners can easily install their products without any hassle.


At the end of the day, there’s no doubt that Lowes is one of the best places to buy mulch for all your landscaping needs.

From traditional bark varieties to organic fertilizers and soil amendments – they have everything you need in one convenient location.

Plus their helpful staff are always willing to assist customers with any questions or concerns they may have about their purchase – ensuring that every customer gets exactly what they need for their next project!

So next time someone asks does Lowe’s sell mulch? don’t hesitate – head over today and check out all the amazing options they have in store!

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