5 Best Mulches for Blueberries

Since the growth of Blueberries requires acidic, well-drained soil, and a 4-6 inches mulch over the roots, it is essential to apply the best mulch that will address all of these concerns.

We reviewed and found out that the best mulch will prevent weed, correct the soil temperature, and keep a proper level of soil moisture making the growth of your blueberries more productive.

The best-rated mulch for blueberries

To become a successful Blueberries farmer, you need to consider the following mulches.

The brands reviewed here have been selected because they provide the appropriate acidic mulch for your blueberries among other perfect conditions for the growth of your blueberries.

#1 Canadian Sphagnum Peat Moss Mulch

If you need a premium grade peat moss that is organic down to 99.8 %, Canadian Sphagnum is the great choice designed to effectively suit your blueberries’ growth requirement by Hoffman.


  • The Canadian Sphagnum contains peat moss that enhances its water and nutrient retaining capacity effectively.
  • This mulch can be used with perlite and vermiculite to increase the supplement of nutrients and promote health for your blueberries.
  • This mulch provides a perfect moisture condition that enhances the fast growth of your blueberries.
  • This product does not require you to soak as it is completely ready for use.
  • Canadian Sphagnum is environmentally friendly as it does not consist of any chemical products.
  • This mulch has fine and small particles to enhances better drainage.

#2 Dewitt 20YR4250 Fabric

It is rare to find a gardening product that can last for decades as Dewitt 20YR4250 Fabric can do.

The capabilities of this product to last up to 20 years on your garden make it a great choice for your blueberries gardening.


  • Dewitt 20YR4250 Fabric is a perfect weed barrier.
  • It does not contain any chemical that may affect you or your pet, especially while applying it to your blueberries garden.
  • This mulch works perfectly for reducing soil erosion in your garden.
  • Its particles are made fine to allow aeration and water drainage in the plant’s root for better growth.
  • It easy to apply to your garden.
  • It is available at a cost affordable price on our market.

#3 EZ – Straw Mulch

If you are a true gardener and love the growing culture of blueberries, EZ – Straw is the best choice you can choose for your crops.

The mulch protects the moisture so that the blueberries seeds can sprout easily.


  • This product is weed-free and hence more perfect to support the growth of your blueberries plant.
  • It contains no pesticides or chemicals but instead contains guar gum as the tacking agent.
  • This product works appropriately for the muddy winter and helps mud to stay in the yard.
  • It particles decompose easily to add nutrients to the soil for the effective growth of your plant.
  • Straw protects the blueberry seeds from heavy washout, windy areas, birds, and other animals.
  • It comes in packages that are easy to handles with UV-protected plastic and can be stored outside your room without getting destroyed by sunlight rays before you apply them to your garden.

#4 FibreDust CoCo Mulch

Fibre Dust CoCo is a great choice that you should consider when planting your blueberries as it gives you a good harvest among other several benefits.


  • This mulch is mostly fibers with occasional small chips of coconut husks that decompose to add nutrients to the soil.
  • It takes a couple of years before its nutrients are exhausted from the soil.
  • This product comes dehydrated, therefore after soaking it in water, it expands to occupy more surface area.
  • It does not contain any additives hence more environmentally friendly.
  • Promotes good drainage for even soils with a very poor drainage system.
  • Its Rust like color adds a great aesthetic look to your blueberries garden.

#5 Shannon’s Sawmill’s Mixed Hardwood Sawdust

Shannon’s Sawmill’s Mixed Hardwood Hardwood Sawdust is the excellent quality sawdust made mulch that is suitable for the growth of blueberries as it promotes a good aeration and drainage system to support the growth.


  • It is usually dry and suitable to protect the moisture from escaping to the atmosphere leaving your plant to wilt.
  • This product maintains the texture of soil especially when it decomposes with time adding more nutrients to the soil that your plant can thrive from for higher harvest.
  • Environmentally friendly.
  • Works great during the winter season as it is one of the best ways to protect your plant from ice-cold conditions.
  • It is simple to apply this product to your garden and it does not stain your hands or clothes.

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